Duchess DUC-2710 – Soldier Leather


The light correction done on this product refines the surface enabling excellent cutting yield. Using the lightest possible finish application, we can provide superior physical performance and still maintain a soft, supple hand found on the finest full-grain leathers.

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50 – 60 Sq. Ft. Average / 4.64 – 5.57 Sq. meter average


.9 – 1.1. mm


2.25 – 2.75 oz. sq. ft. / 686 – 839 gm sq. meter


Federal Test Method Std. No. 3121.1 No damage to the finish


ASTM D-3884 (300 cycles, 500 g H-18 wheels) No, wear through to russet


ASTM D-5053 (50 cycles wet & dry) 4 or better on the AATCC greyscale for color change


We meet all requirements of either a 12 or 60 second vertical burn in accordance with FAR 25.853


A 72-hour exposure to UV light 4 or better on the AATCC greyscale for color change

Tear Strength

ASTM D – 4705 Minimum of 12 lbs. (5.44 kg, 53.35 N)


ASTM D -2097 (60,000 cycles) No cracking of finish

Color Match

Spectrophotometer measurement of CMC DE ≤ .50/F02 (U35) Fluorescent is our goal unless otherwise specified by the customer.