synthetic for rail

Ecolite™ is a revolutionary polyurethane coated fabric that combines the look and feel of genuine leather with a number of unique benefits.

One of the most notable features of Ecolite™ is its lightweight design – at only 330g/sm, it is up to 60% lighter than traditional leather and 43% lighter than many competitive synthetic materials. This makes it an excellent choice for upholstery applications where weight is a concern, such as in the railway industry.

In addition to its lightweight design, Ecolite™ also boasts a closed cell surface coating that makes it virtually graffiti and stain resistant. This makes it an excellent choice for use in high-traffic environments where durability is a concern. Additionally, the closed cell surface coating provides a sanitary, inherently antimicrobial solution, making Ecolite™ an excellent choice for use in environments where hygiene is a concern.

Overall, Ecolite™ is a truly innovative material that offers the look and feel of genuine leather at a fraction of the weight, with a number of additional benefits that make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

Composition: 100 % Polyurethane Face / 100% Polyester knit backing
Thickness: 75 ± 1 mm BS EN ISO 2589:2016
Weight: 1.08oz per sq ft. / 330 g. per sqm. ± 40 gm
Corrosion Resistance: ASTM D8365-20 Appearance/Corrosion severity: ≤2 section 9:1

Graffiti & Stain Resistant

Inherently grafitti resistant.
Ink removal possible 5+ years.
Closed-cell urethane structure.
Virtually maintenance free.

Long-Term Durability

Leads in testing for wear.
No signs of appearance change.
No delamination over time.
300% stronger vs. competitive products.


Ecolite’s proprietary construction is non-corrosive in harsh environments in accordance with test specification ASTM D8365-20.


Inherently antimicrobial.
Impedes the growth of harmful microorganisms such as MRSA, Staph, E. Coli. Solvent resistant: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is approved for use with no visible signs of surface damage.

Colour Range

Ecolite™ comes in a range of standard colors or can be customized to your specifications.


At only 330g/sm, Ecolite™ boasts
a weight savings of up to 60% than that of traditional leather and 43% of competitive synthetics.


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