Crafting a Better Future
AIX 2023 | Booth 5D46 | Hamburg
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Corporate Leathers
Noble, Monarch & Duchess
Genuine Leathers
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Genuine Leathers, Synthetics & Textiles
designed for the railway industry
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Commercial Leathers
Elite, Featherweight & Skyline
Genuine Leathers
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The lightest weight synthetic leather on the market.
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Luxurious & Sustainable
Distributed exclusively by Perrone.
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Cleaning & Maintenance
All Leather Maintenance division featuring repair, refurbishment, and a complete line of cleaning chemicals.
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Perrone is Performance.
Welcome to the new Perrone Performance Leathers & Textiles.
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Perrone Performance Leathers & Textiles is a global leader in transportation materials, offering a wide range of leather and textile solutions for commercial and corporate / VIP customers worldwide.


As transportation takes strides
towards a sustainable future, the power
of conscious design and responsible
sourcing continues to be realized.

Care & Maintenance

Perrone offers premier FAA/EASA Part 145 repair, cleaning and maintenance for transportation customers, plus a complete line of maintenance and cleaning products.

Sustainability at the Heart of Manufacturing
Implementing eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge technology to reduce environmental impact.
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