Cut Parts Kits

lowest price per pax. guaranteed.

Perrone Performance Leathers & Textiles utilizes North America’s first laser guided water-jet cutting system specifically designed for cutting leather. This offers unprecedented accuracy and quality to our customers.

With the world’s most precise cutting technology we are able to reduce tolerances to within four thousandths of an inch to create patterns that are more accurate than ever. Our integrated software allows us to nest up to 100 leather hides simultaneously to achieve our yield requirements without even cutting a hide.

The ability to assign four different levels of zoning criteria only adds to the cost savings that we can pass on to our customers. Completely customer driven, our price per pax approach guarantees the lowest possible cost. With our cut parts program, you only pay for the portions of material that you receive – 100% quality control inspected parts.

100% QC Inspected Parts

With cut parts, you only pay for the portions of leather that are used, and not the scrap portions.

Unmatched Precision

Unmatched laser precision cutting to .004 inch.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Cut parts are shipped in a box and are duty free. They weigh less, thereby reducing shipping costs by up to 84% while saving emissions.

Reduce cost, increase quality with Perrone cut parts kits.

Perrone Performance Leathers & Textiles’ cut parts program combines our efficient laser guided water-jet precision cutting technology with cost reduction while and it enables intricate pattern creation.


• Pay for 100% QC inspected parts only – no scrap or waste.
• Up to 84% reduction in shipping costs.
• Guaranteed security and protection of digital patterns.
• We accept AutoCAD files with extension .DXF or .DWG.

The customer or cut & sew will supply a digital pattern or paper pattern for us to input into the cutting system. Once it has been entered, we cut three sets of each pattern set supplied to be used as masters. They are sent to the customer or cut & sew for sign-off/approval.

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