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Monulite™ is a state-of-the-art, non-woven backed
proprietary coated material designed specifically to meet the certification requirements for headliner and side wall surface coating applications.

Monulite™ is made to order and can be produced in any custom color and a wide variety of custom finishes including decorative gaufrage embossings. Additionally, Monulite™ can be customized with four-color printing, enabling the showcasing of any design or pattern. 

In addition to its leather like appearance, the composition of Monulite™ yields superior noise reduction characteristics contributing to a more pleasant in-cabin 

Composition: Proprietary urethane-coated face/
100% FR nonwoven backing
1.0 – 1.5 mm ± 0.1 mm
Weight: 23 oz. ± 1 oz. per yd² /667 gm ± 1 gm per yd²
Federal Test Method Std. No. 3121.1 No damage to the finish

Acoustically Absorbent

Provides superior sound
absorption and abatement


EN-45545-2 / HL-3.


Available in any custom color
and a variety of finishes and
textures including decorative
gaufrage embossings. Can be printed in four color with any design or pattern.

MonuLite™ is acoustically absorbent delivering superior noise reduction characteristics and the highest quality in-cabin experience.

How is Monulite™ sold, and what are the MOQs?
Monulite™ is sold as 54” wide rolled goods up to 25 linear yards in length. MOQ is 2 LY.

What are the standard lead times?
Standard production lead time is 4 – 6 weeks. Decorative embossing and custom finishes require additional processing time determined at time of order.

What prints are offered with Monulite™?
Standard Monulite™ prints have been adapted from traditional leather grains and include G-Grain, 4200, Amora and Buffalo. Monulite™ may also be offered with select Gaufrage embossing, to be quoted at time of request.

Can Monulite™ be used on any surface substrate?
We have successfully tested Monulite™ on a variety of substrates. We are continuing to test new materials as they become available to us, but we are not limited to a specific build up. It is always recommended that customers conduct their own testing based on the combination of application and adhesive.

Can I use my own glue?
Perrone recommends using our exclusive Aerotak adhesive for the surface application of Monulite™. However, customers may still elect to use an alternative adhesive and perform the necessary certification testing required.

Can Monulite™ be used with a foam backing to have a more cushion feel?
The ideal recommended solution would be to use our proven nonwoven backing that makes up the Monulite™ system to create different thicknesses providing a “padded” result. We expect Monulite™ to perform as well with a foam backing, but due to the variabilities in types and thicknesses, this would need to be proven out with your specific material.

What are the advantages of Monulite™ over competitive products?
The greatest advantage of Monulite™ versus competitive products is that unlike hard surface solutions, Monulite™ has superior sound absorption characteristics. In most cases, Monulite™ can be easily cleaned and maintained in place. And, if Monulite™ should get damaged, it can be removed in panels and replaced or re-applied.


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