Genuine Leather

Light finish, improved performance

Monarch leather is carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. It is made using exclusive full grain South German bull hides, which are renowned for their strength, durability, and luxurious feel. To ensure that Monarch leather is able to deliver the best possible performance, we apply a light finish to the hides, which helps to improve their physical properties and make them more resistant to wear and tear.

At the same time, we are careful to maintain the natural beauty and aesthetics of the hides, so that Monarch leather is able to retain its natural charm and appeal. 

Hide Size: 50 – 60 ft² average/4.64 – 5.57 m² average
Thickness: 0.9 – 1.1 mm
Weight: 2.25 – 2.75 oz. per ft² /686 – 839 gm per m²
Blocking: Federal Test Method Std. No. 3121.1
No damage to the finish

Exclusively Sourced

Exclusive leather selected from full grain South German bull hides.

Color Range

Monarch comes in a range of standard colors or can be
customized to your

Superior Finish

Enhanced with a light finish to help improve physical performance.

Monarch Leathers

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