Duchess DUC-2751 – Royal Leather

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The light correction done on this product refines the surface enabling excellent cutting yield. Using the lightest possible finish application, we can provide superior physical performance and still maintain a soft, supple hand found on the finest full-grain leathers.

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50 – 60 Sq. Ft. Average / 4.64 – 5.57 Sq. meter average


.9 – 1.1. mm


2.25 – 2.75 oz. sq. ft. / 686 – 839 gm sq. meter


Federal Test Method Std. No. 3121.1 No damage to the finish


ASTM D-3884 (300 cycles, 500 g H-18 wheels) No, wear through to russet


ASTM D-5053 (50 cycles wet & dry) 4 or better on the AATCC greyscale for color change


We meet all requirements of either a 12 or 60 second vertical burn in accordance with FAR 25.853


A 72-hour exposure to UV light 4 or better on the AATCC greyscale for color change

Tear Strength

ASTM D – 4705 Minimum of 12 lbs. (5.44 kg, 53.35 N)


ASTM D -2097 (60,000 cycles) No cracking of finish

Color Match

Spectrophotometer measurement of CMC DE ≤ .50/F02 (U35) Fluorescent is our goal unless otherwise specified by the customer.