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Cleaning & Maintenance

A division of Perrone, All Leather Maintenance (ALM) is a truly exceptional company that is headquartered in the largest and most technically advanced leather repair station in the world. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, allowing ALM to provide top-quality repair and maintenance services to its clients.

In addition to its world-class facilities, ALM also has a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who are committed to providing the highest level of service and quality. Whether you are in need of simple repairs or more extensive maintenance, ALM has the expertise and resources to get the job done right. With its commitment to excellence and its state-of-the-art facilities, ALM is a trusted choice for all of your leather repair and maintenance needs.

Our FAA / EASA Part 145 approved repair station refurbishes and repairs damaged leather dress covers quickly—returning them to service looking as new, while extending their product lifecycle. Take advantage of our hide-to-cover maintenance program that guarantees the life of your dress covers.

FAA / EASA Part 145 Repair Station

Being an FAA/EASA Part 145 Repair Station allows Perrone to legally perform maintenance, repairs, and alterations on aircraft and aircraft components while ensuring we meet the regulatory requirements of the industry. Being an FAA/EASA Part 145 Repair Station enables Perrone to streamline its maintenance and repair processes. This can help to reduce the risk of errors and improve the overall quality of the work being performed. By meeting the strict regulatory requirements of the FAA/EASA, Perrone demonstrates its commitment to safety and quality.

Repair & Refurbish

As the leading manufacturer of commercial aircraft upholstery leather in the U.S., Perrone is committed to providing top-quality products and services to its aviation customers. That’s why we offer a premier leather cleaning and maintenance system specifically designed for the unique needs of the aviation industry. Our cleaning line is formulated to help you extend the service life of your flame retardant aviation upholstery and dress covers, while also maintaining their luxurious appearance.

With our cleaning and maintenance system, you can enjoy all of the benefits of our high-quality leather and textiles products for longer, and get the most value out of your investment. Whether you are looking to clean and maintain your existing leather upholstery, or are in need of new materials, Perrone is the premier choice for commercial aircraft upholstery leather and textiles in the U.S.

Care & Maintenance

Perrone is a leading supplier of specifically formulated products for the high-end leather and textile needs of the corporate and VIP aviation market. Our products are designed to provide superior cleaning, conditioning, and protection for a wide range of materials, helping to extend their lifespan and maintain their luxurious appearance.

One of our best-selling products is our Leather Cleaner with Conditioner, which is used by aircraft detailers around the world. This one-step product is specially formulated to gently clean and condition leather, helping to restore its natural beauty and shine. It is also easy to use, with no harsh fumes and a convenient ready-to-use or wipe form.

Whether you are an aircraft detailer looking for a reliable and effective cleaning solution, or simply want to keep your leather and textile materials looking their best, Perrone’s Leather Cleaner with Conditioner is an excellent choice.

Buy Perrone cleaning products online at our All Leather Maintenance Website.

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