Press Release: July 28th 2023

ADHETEC Acquires Perrone: A Revolutionary Merger for Transportation Interiors

ADHETEC, a leading provider of self-adhesive solutions in the transportation industry, proudly announces its recent acquisition of Perrone, a distinguished leader in soft goods for transportation interiors. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for both companies and sets the stage for unprecedented sustainable growth and innovation in the industry.

For years, ADHETEC has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge self-adhesive products, unparalleled customization, and exceptional customer service to its clients in the transportation sector. The acquisition of Perrone represents a key milestone in ADHETEC’s journey to provide comprehensive solutions and elevate its market position even further.

Perrone has long been recognized for its craftsmanship and commitment to excellence in creating top-of-the-line performance soft goods for transportation interiors. From premium upholstery to innovative interior design elements, Perrone has earned accolades and a loyal customer base within the industry.

“This acquisition is a game-changer for ADHETEC and our customers,” said Alexis Gabillon CEO of ADHETEC. “By combining ADHETEC’s expertise in custom self-adhesive solutions for both exterior and interior applications with Perrone’s excellence in soft goods for transportation interiors, we are poised to deliver an unparalleled range of products and services to the transportation industry. We strive to deliver sustainability, customization and performance to our customers.”

The integration of Perrone’s capabilities will enable ADHETEC to provide a more comprehensive and holistic approach to transportation interior solutions. This united front will drive innovation, maximize synergies, and create a new industry standard for sustainability, customization and performance.

As the acquisition progresses, both ADHETEC and Perrone teams are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for all stakeholders. The focus remains on maintaining the highest level of service and support to clients and partners throughout the integration process.

“We are thrilled to join forces with ADHETEC and become part of a dynamic and forward-thinking organization,” said Bill Perrone, President of Perrone. “Our combined expertise and resources will enable us to serve our customers better, offering a wider range of products and solutions tailored to their needs.”

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