SHR-1669 Lt. Mushroom Shearling

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This Shearling is a naturally thermostatic sheepskin that keeps pilots comfortable year round, so you can say goodbye to the icy cold seats during winter and hot sticky seats in the summer. Our Electrified Shearling is of the best quality and craftsmanship found in the world. The soft dense wool makes the skins the perfect choice for uniform appearance and comfort.

Skin Size

7 – 10 Sq. Ft. ( .650 – .929 Sq. meter)

Standard Wool Length

1.0” ± .250” ( 25.4 mm ± 6.4 mm)


We meet all requirements of either a 12 or 60 second vertical burn in accordance with FAR 25.853

Tear Strength

ASTM-4705 / Minimum 12 lbs. (5.44kg)


12 hrs. under UV light. 3 or better on the AATCC Grey Scale

Wet/Dry Crock

Dry Crock -500 cycles – 4 or better on AATCC Grey Scale, ENISO 11640, Wet Crock-50 cycles – 4 or better on AATCC Grey Scale


Color is matched visually at a distance of 12-24 inches away from hide and compared to the master , under D-65 (daylight) light.


Always store your hides away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will dry out hides and may cause them to fade over time., Maintain a humidity level surrounding your hides at 45 – 55%. Maintain a preferred temperature of 65° – 75° F (18°‐ 24° C), but never less than 40°F (4°C) or greater than 75°F (24°C)

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