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Perrone sustainable material solutions

Perrone Performance Leathers & Textiles is excited to present our innovative catalog of sustainable material solutions.

Our latest breakthrough in eco-friendly leather, Sonoma, decreases leather processing chemicals by 46%, uses 91% less water, creates 89% less scrap, uses 2 lbs less plastic, and uses 20% less transfer fuel per passenger place, resulting in lowered packaging and costs for transportation.

In addition to Sonoma, Perrone offers Enduralite™ synthetic leather – the lightest weight in the industry at 1oz per square foot, and Alcantara® which is certified carbon neutral since 2009.

A breakthrough development in the production of sustainable leathers.

At only 1oz per square foot,
Enduralite EDA is the lightest
weight synthetic leather available.

Certified carbon neutral since 2009.

Leather is Sustainable.

Sustainability is a major concern in today’s world, and it is no different when it comes to selecting materials for transportation cabin interiors. As global populations continue to grow and the demand for travel increases, it is more important than ever to choose materials that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. While synthetic materials are often seen as a more sustainable option due to their lower environmental impact during production, it is important to recognize that leather is also a highly sustainable material. Leather is inherently upcycled, as it is a byproduct of the meat industry. This means that by default, leather is already being repurposed and given a new life rather than being discarded as waste. By using leather, we can help to eliminate millions of tons of landfill waste each year, reducing our overall environmental impact. 

Sonoma is our breakthrough solution for the production of aviation leathers. Sonoma maximizes the use of the hide prime surface area, resulting in increased uniformity and dimensional stability. The removal of less desirable areas of the hide results in a 20% reduction in waste materials, resulting in lowered costs for shipping and transportation. Sonoma is available in chrome-free options made from vegetable or synthetic extracts, which provides superior shrink resistance and structural strength while also being environmentally friendly.

In addition to the benefits of Sonoma panels mentioned above, Sonoma has a notably positive impact on the environment. Production of Sonoma hides helps to reduce the use of chemicals, resulting in a 46% reduction compared to traditional hide production methods. The use of Sonoma hides also leads to a 91% reduction in the amount of fresh water needed, as well as an 89% reduction in waste. In terms of plastic usage, panel hides result in a reduction of 2lbs per panel.

Our Commitment

Perrone Performance Leathers & Textiles is committed to sustainable manufacturing of leathers and textiles. Every piece of leather or synthetic product that leaves our facility impacts the environment in one way or another. Ensuring our products have the longest possible lifespan, whether in their current form or up-cycled, is a top priority for our R&D team. Our ever-evolving finish systems and a product’s ability to be repaired are an essential building block of our sustainability efforts.


Enduralite™ synthetics weigh up to 43% less than any competitive material and provide more than a 60% weight reduction from traditional leather without sacrificing any of the luxury, superior strength, and fire retardancy you require.

Enduralite™ is a sustainable option. For example, on a Boeing 737 Max 8, using Enduralite™ saves each plane in your fleet annually 10,309 gallons of fuel, a savings of approximately $37,628 while also reducing carbon emissions by 91.64 metric tons of CO2. We can provide similar numbers for any variation of aircraft. Add this up across an entire fleet, and you can see how Enduralite™ quickly measures up.

Enduralite™ saves money, increases sustainability
Based on a Boeing 737 MAX 8, annual savings using Enduralite™ vs. competitor product, savings per aircraft, per year are as follows:


lbs per aircraft


Gallons of Fuel


$ Fuel saved @ 3.65/G


Metric tons C02


Stronger than closest competitor


Certified carbon neutral since 2009.

Alcantara® is deeply committed to sustainability and the responsible management of natural resources. They understand that the success of their business is not only determined by financial performance, but also by their impact on society and the environment. As a result, they have made sustainability a core part of their corporate culture and strategy.

For Alcantara®, sustainability is about more than just reducing their environmental footprint. It is about creating long-term value for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which they operate. They strive to balance economic, social, and environmental considerations in all of their business decisions, with the goal of creating a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone.

Alcantara® is constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve their sustainability efforts. From using renewable energy sources to implementing eco-friendly production processes, they are always working to minimize their impact on the planet. And with their commitment to making every day extraordinary, they believe that sustainability is key to creating a better world for all.